Hand-Built Outdoor Furniture:

20 Step-By-Step Projects Anyone Can Build


Available for purchase now! 

Available spring 2016 with Timber Press 

Hand-Built Outdoor Furniture: 20 Step-By-Step Projects Anyone Can Build by Katie Jackson will be released spring 2016 by Timber Press.  

To build the 20 projects in the book, you'll need the following tools: a band saw, a miter saw, and a cordless drill/driver with a quick-flip drive, and some projects work best with a drill press.  No table saws or expensive machinery are needed!

The book's first section has woodworking instructions and tips for every step of a project: what tools you need to get started in woodworking (it's fewer than you think!),  confidently shopping for lumber and materials, safely and effectively using woodworking tools and machines, and using paint, finish, and varnish.

The second section of the book has twenty outdoor furniture projects, all build-able in one weekend with a small collection of basic, inexpensive tools.  The projects are designed in a variety of styles, including rustic, contemporary, mid-century modern, Shaker, and American colonial.  

I used the workshop at the New England Society of Information and Technology to build the projects and take step-by-step photos of the process.  Ellen Rose Photography styled and photographed the final project images.  

Purchase this book from your local bookstoreBarnes & Noble, Amazon, Target, Amazon UK,  McNally Robinson Canada, or submit a purchase request to your local library.  If you are in need of tools, look for tool libraries, makerspaces, hackerspaces, or shared workshops near you.  


"Because the book is so beautifully laid out and photographed, there is little in the way of confusion or frustration to keep projects from being completed. And since there aren't many tools required, this is definitely a book that absolute beginners with no tools or experience can feel confident about attempting."  

"This book is a great confidence builder. Katie has provided such in depth information on what kind of tools to have, how to use them, and also basic information about selecting lumber that anyone can feel confident about beginning the projects."  

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