The metal planter running down the center below the tabletop surface can be filled with ice to put your drinks in on a hot day, or for planting herbs (reach across the table to get the freshest seasoning for your food), or decorative plants as a semi-permanent centerpiece.  

The table was made in pieces: two ends that provide the structure for the table, two center pieces with the tabletop slats, the metal trough planter, and the removable legs that simply screw in place.   Disassembly and reassembly take minutes.  Each piece is small and light enough to be carried by a single person, and all pieces fit together easily in the back of a compact car.

The matching benches are not attached to the table: any of the pieces can be used alone, and the table can be accessed by a person with a mobility device on the sides or end.  These outdoor benches have removable flat cabriole legs.  They are made with all reclaimed wood, mostly former fencing and siding.  The shape of the legs mimic the calves and heels of a sexy cartoon lady.

Made with Lilah Crews-Pless.  

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